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Most of the services on a site are paid.

There are several services we can offer:
      Post your banner at a site - you can add your own banner on site pages and better promote yourself to other users! Your banner will be there for a certain period of time. It's a paid feature.
        Lift up your profile in search results - you can lift up your listing in search results for other users for a certain period of time. Your profile will be on a top of the page until someone gets the same feature.
          Virtual Calls on a site - anonymous calls to other site users via our site. The money for a call are taken from your site account. Rates are adjusted accordingly.

You can also earn some money on your account using Refer a friend option. Send us your friends and get money if they sign up!
In general you go to Banners section and upload your banner. We check all banners uploaded by users for your security, so then we'll approve it within 24 hours. Then your banner will have status Approved at a site and you'll get an alert to your account email saying that banner status was changed.

After that you can go on and activate it. You'll be able to choose page(s) to display it at. It's an extra charge possibility so at the end you'll see total sum. The price will be taken from your account on a site
Your banner will be at a site for a certain period time set by administrator.
You'll be able to put your banner to any page, allowed by administrator. So you'll have a list of pages you can use and location (left or bottom). Banners may be rotating.
You can do it by clicking "Lift up my profile in search" in your Home page - My account section. It's a small fee but it's worth it as your profile will be up in search results and you will get more views, more matches and friends!
You should find a user to call and if he inserted his phone number, you'll see an active Call link. Click it and you'll be able to add money to your account for a call if necessary.
Yes. When registering you insert your phone number but it's not seen for any user.
No. You do not need anything to call. Your call is forwarded to your mobile or phone device you indicated when registering and to a person's mobile so you can talk. Both of you are safe as the phone numbers are not shown.
You can refer any number of your friends to a site by pressing Refer link from My account page or from your homepage. Then if your friends do come to a site and register, you get a certain bonus to your account for each registered friend! Now you can get your friends here and earn for site services payment!

You can also see the stats on referred friends and their registrations at your profile page, statistics.
Yes, but they will only get email from you that will kindly invite then to a site. You'll be able to create that message to sound good for your friends.
Usually the payments are small and are taken from your site account. If the account's not enough, you can pay via our payment systems.

You can also pay for site services via SMS.
We have several SMS payment systems integrated and they will be listed at a payment page if you click SMS payment link there.