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The first step for starting dating and communication at is to complete your profile.

The complete registration generally takes 10 minutes from start to finish. But you can skip some steps at registration and go directly to your homepage. There are 7 steps of registration in total where you can add your general information and photos, specify your partner preferences.

We review every profile before posting at a site or sometimes you have to activate it from your email. As after the registration the alert is sent to you for verification. Allow 24 hours for approval. We will notify you via email once your profile has been approved and posted on the site.

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Registration terms depend on site settings. You get into free user group after registration and may be asked to upgrade your membership to enjoy our special services and privileges.
You and your friend will be able to have your own profiles linked to each other. There's a couples feature that allows you to add your friend as a couple when registering (if he's already registered on a site) or add him after registration when editing your profile.

In this case, you'll be listed as couple and if your profile will be shown in search, his nick will be shown too together with your profile.
At a Second step of registration you add your profile icon. It's the small image that's used for your profile, search results, other pages where your profile's displayed.
Photos are other uploads. They are grouped into albums and there you can add any photos. Your visitors will be able to click them and see the original size of the photo in a pop up window. They cannot do that with your Icon
Yes, there's a crop tool that will allow you to cut the best suitable image from the photo and save it. You can do it from your Profile editing page: upload your photo and press "ReCrop" button.