Questions in topic: Chats
To enter a chat you should go to communication section in main menu and press Chat link. Chat window will appear in a new window. Please give it several seconds to connect. The you can see who's online there and chat rooms for different communities.
Everyone can access chat from their menu and start communication!
If you're in chat already, you can enter chat room by choosing it in a Room drop down at the top of chat window.
You can click user name at the right menu of rooms and their visitors. In a small menu that opens, please choose Profile to see his/her profile.
Administrator can see chat logs if necessary. All chat texts are controlled through Bad words list and you may be banned for using abusing words or expressions.

There might be chat moderators. Some site users may become chat moderators by contacting Site administrator.
To log off the chat just close the chat window and you'll be automatically logged off.